If you currently have “bad debt,” such as on high interest credit cards, consider paying it down or paying it off. As you pay down your debt, you may find yourself more free to invest in and share with others.

More ideas to come…


7 Responses to “reduce”

  1. 1 Jillian

    Looking forward to paying off one of the credit cards w/our Bush Bucks. Dave Ramsey has a few great books on paying off debt and living w/in your means. Check out your local library and see if any are available to check out!

  2. 2 Katie

    I love all of these ideas – invest, share & reduce. Michael & I have been committed to paying off our student loans (massive) so that we can invest in great projects that work to provide justice & mercy. It really stinks to live life controlled by debt collectors!

  3. 3 eddy

    josh, eddy here. this? this project? fantastic. why isn’t Scott Simon interviewing you right now on NPR? why aren’t you on the steps of the lincoln memorial making speeches. at the very least you should be outside frank’s chili dogs with a placard.

    this morning i had a thought. i know this isn’t directly related, but it is indirectly. tomorrow, 29 march, is earth hour, a day when folks around the world who use electricity are asked to turn off their lights for one hour, 8:00pm local time. besides the obvious, and largely symbolic, benefit of conservation, i think the experiment has a few other pluses.
    it’s a good way to dip our finger in the water of sustainability to get a feel for the temperature. one day the levees are going to break and we’ll all be forced to swim.
    another benefit related to this project: we, in developed countries, have no imagination for an economy of thrift. as the pentecost project points out, our economy is faltering and the solution is spending of a certain kind; not saving, not paying down debt, but buying. western economies are based on debt and consumption.
    so, this earth hour could be seen as a kind of rite in which we rehearse a different, more Christian way of being in the world — a practice that seems all the more urgent as we consider trusting ourselves to handle our bush bucks wisely.
    another plus: solidarity with the majority of people and communities who do without electricity.
    interesting side note: tomorrow is the feast of St. Cyril of Heliopolis, martyred for opposing idolatry.

  4. This is an amazing idea! The government is never going to release its control or truly allow people to thrive in our lives, we have to come together and do something!

  5. 5 Jennifer Hiyama

    I just found the link to this project [thus far unheard of by me] courtesy of my old friend, Arthur Stewart’s blog. I very much regret that I had not found it sooner. Is this project still ongoing? I hope so, it is about time that Christians cut their ties to the American materialism bug that has plagued our nation for too long. I have heard of a different group of similar goals, (that I believe is secular) called the Venus Project. Momentum has begun, we must thrust it into high gear. It is a time for revolutionary change, I agree.

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  1. 1 reduce: earth hour « pentecost project

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