reduce: earth hour


My friend Eddy recently commented on the reduce page about Saturday’s Earth Hour. By the time most of you read this post, it will be Saturday. Consider taking part in the collective shutting off of lights for 1 hour at 8 p.m. As Eddy wrote,

besides the obvious, and largely symbolic, benefit of conservation, i think the experiment has a few other pluses.

it’s a good way to dip our finger in the water of sustainability to get a feel for the temperature. one day the levees are going to break and we’ll all be forced to swim.
another benefit related to this project: we, in developed countries, have no imagination for an economy of thrift. as the pentecost project points out, our economy is faltering and the solution is spending of a certain kind; not saving, not paying down debt, but buying. western economies are based on debt and consumption.

so, this earth hour could be seen as a kind of rite in which we rehearse a different, more Christian way of being in the world — a practice that seems all the more urgent as we consider trusting ourselves to handle our bush bucks wisely.

another plus: solidarity with the majority of people and communities who do without electricity.

Check out his comment here (never mind the flattery). Oh, and one last thought from Eddy:

interesting side note: tomorrow is the feast of St. Cyril of Heliopolis, martyred for opposing idolatry.

Great stuff, Eddy. Great stuff.


One Response to “reduce: earth hour”

  1. Totally called everone in my phone to get them on board with Earth Hour…

    I think Jesus likes cooperation.

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