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Interested in joining in the Pentecost Project as a community or as an individual? Send me an e-mail (iamjoshfrank [at] gmail [dot] com) with the following info:

Your Name
Personal website
Community Name
Community Website
Date(s) & Time(s) of Event/Action
Location(s) of Event/Action
Description of Event/Action

I’ll add you to the roster to the right ASAP and keep you informed of updates.


4 Responses to “join the project”

  1. still looking for a community.

    thought you might find the following interesting.

    One cannot divorce the economical from the political and the following wd give a rallying point for many different groups and wd create spaces where we can influence policy w.o. getting overly intertwined w. the ongoing struggle to capture the state via the proxies: the Democratic and Republican parties.


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